A Decentralized Blockchain Financial Derivatives Trading Infrastructure base on MT5.
EXN provides an alternative to blockchain order books by specifying a set of protocols that unlock asset liquidity, enabling the platform to run smoothly without limitations.

About Us

EXN uses a decentralized database, which is immune to any manipulation. Transfers are being processed immediately without the need of third parties. EXN is a professional decentralised digital trading platform that uses a decentralised database that enable buyers and sellers to connect directly without the need of third parties. Trades, deposits and withdrawals are processed immediately and users are offered a variety of trading options. EXN is built on the MetaTrader 5 (MT5) trading platform and uses EXN tokens as its native platform service token.

EXN provides users clients for both the desktop and mobile. Users only need to download the client and register for an account on EXN

desktop version

1)Fast, stable and reliable;
2)Rich built-in data analysis tools;
3)trading signals and fast trading;
4)Massive free trading algorithms and EA scripts are available for download;
5)Direct transactions through data forms;
6)price alerts;
7)Supports multiple systems

mobile version

1)interactive quote form;
2)Display of a full set of pending orders;
3)Mobile version of data analysis tools;
4)Quickly trade orders with one click;
5)Quickly initiate conversations with other traders;
6)informational reminders;
7)Phone verification code login.
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    Consultants and Advisers


    EXN will provide users with the following services

    Combining cryptocurrency with intelligent quantitative trading

    Original cryptocurrency asset management and copying system

    Powerful charting technical analysis tools

    In-depth transaction statistics

    Cryptocurrency trading strategy tester